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Transitions: short stories for a rainy day

Meet some of the unforgettable characters in this “must read” collection of short stories:

      • Brianya Johnson is 353 pounds, in love with a man who makes fun of her weight, and full of


      • Lonnie Parker, player extraordinaire, didn’t plan it but he just got


    Can he live with the consequences?
      • Would you respond to a hot and steamy misdirected e-mail? Rita Collier did in


      • The


    of a child is what makes four-year-old Shelby ask: “Mommy, what’s rape?” How would you respond?
      • Some people think Arlise is

Three Cards Short of a Deck!

    What do you say?
      • Tamyla Bradford has a history of dating losers. Will she break the pattern and find a winner in


      • Ever think about what your life could have been? In

Reflections—In Memoriam

    that’s just what the doctor orders.
      • When she finds out that her fiancé has been keeping deep, dark secrets from her, Cashmere Masters just might have to re-think her decision to marry Raymond Lesure in

Think Again.

ISBN 978-0-098-34259-3-9

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Kindle (U.S.), Kindle (U.K.), Nook

No More Expectations

Before the weight loss, Brianya Johnson was all about getting to “I do” by any means necessary.

Dumped by her boyfriend, Brianya decided to re-evaluate her life. In the process, she learned two valuable things about herself: 1) her self-esteem is virtually non-existent, and 2) she’s an emotional eater. Sailing on anger and sheer determination, Brianya decides that change is long overdue. She takes a vow of celibacy, swears off men and dating, and enlists the aid of a trainer to help whip her body into shape.

That was 206 pounds ago, before she knew what lay beneath all those layers of bad food choices.

At 147 pounds, Brianya’s body has transformed into something she never envisioned, and the men are coming out of the woodwork, testing her patience and her resolve. Monticello Belvoir, Endo Jamison, and Edward Hollister are all solid men with loads of potential. But, can they handle Brianya’s friends without benefits rule? Add to the mix Brianya’s ex beau, Darnell Jones, who wants his shot at a second chance. As if that isn’t enough, to her detriment, Brianya finds out that one of her suitors isn’t the nice guy he makes himself out to be.

With her heart pulling her in one direction and her family and friends pushing her in another, Brianya turns to the one thing that has never failed her: food. When all is said and done, will the years of hard work have been for nothing?

ISBN 978-0-9834259-2-2

Get it also in EBOOK

Available in all e-formats from Smashwords:

Kindle (U.S.), Kindle (U.K.), Nook


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