Selena Haskins

Selena Haskins

Today I’m shining the spotlight on author Selena Haskins, writer of contemporary fiction.

As a child, Selena was a shy kid with a vivid imagination; by the time she entered high school, she knew that she wanted to be a writer.  Judging by the favorable reviews of her books–A River Moves Forward and its sequel, Riding the Waves–she made the right choice.

Get your favorite beverage and snack and kick back and relax as we get to know a little bit more about this prolific author.

What genre do you write? I write fiction/drama.

book 2

Tell us about your latest book. My latest book is a sequel to my debut novel, A River Moves Forward. It’s titled, Riding the Waves-the Price of Fame and Fortune. Part two picks up with the second generation from the Morris family. Connie Morris’ daughter, Tracey, writes a tell-all book revealing her family and former lovers’ dark secrets. When things backfire, she’s forced to find her own way with putting the pieces back together again, but it could be too late.

EXCERPT: “Tracey, you believe a legacy is based solely on money and fame. You’ll never know what it’s really like to be a boss unless you’ve built your career from scratch, but you’ve had everything handed to you all your life. You’ve always enjoyed the fruits of my labor, but failed to see it was the struggles of my life that made me resilient and shrewd. Now you’re running back to me so I can fix this monster you’ve created,” Connie shook her head in disgust. “Well honey, you need to figure this one out for yourself. That’s part of being a boss,” Connie snatched up her purse, slung it over her shoulder, and stormed out of the office.

I have to admit, I haven’t finished reading the book, but so far I’m enjoying it immensely. Besides purchasing the book because it is the sequel to your first book, the cover really caught my eye. I see a lot of books whose covers don’t adequately portray the storyline but your cover is spot on.

Who designed the cover? Adrienne Thompson, Pink Cashmere Publishing.

Who is you favorite character in your book and why? My favorite character in the book is actually Keith Smith, who comes along about midway into the book. He’s a guy who falls in love with Tracey Michaels, who is Hollywood’s bad girl. They’re opposite, but their chemistry is powerful. Keith struggles with keeping his faith while Tracey battles with keeping her fame. 

Why do you think readers are going to enjoy your book? I think most people enjoy pop culture, and my books are a fictional version of Hollywood life. This family series is a mixture of drama, love, suspense and scandal. Both are fast-paced reads filled with rich and believable characters.

What formats is the book available in? Electronic and paperback.

Where can a reader purchase your book? Autographed copies can be purchased directly from me through my website www.booksbyselena.com. Electronic copies, such as Kindle and Nook can be purchased here: Kindle (U.S), Kindle (U.K.), and Nook.

So now that we’ve talked about your latest published book, tell us some things we may not know about you as an author, such as your favorite authors, quotes, advice for writers, things like that.

Who are your favorite authors? My favorite authors are: Connie Briscoe, Margaret Johnson-Hodge, J. California Cooper, Leonard Pitts Jr., Omar Tyree, and Carl Weber.

What advice do you have for other writers? In order to write well, you have to read books by people who can actually write. Take a writing class at least once a year to on top of the growing trends and writing techniques.

What’s your favorite quote about writing/for writers? Write like nobody is watching and edit like everybody is reading it.

What’s the best thing about being a writer? The feedback I receive from readers who tell me that my books have entertained and inspired them.

Who inspires you, Selena? My family inspires me. Before I knew anybody in the literary world, I knew my family first, and they knew the stories I wrote. They would give me their honest opinions about my work. It was my Uncle Stevie who told me that I needed to share my stories with the world, and leave the nest so to speak.

Readers like to be able to communicate with their favorite authors. Nowadays, social media has sort of closed the gap between author and reader.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing? Feel free to visit my website: www.booksbyselena.com through my website you can follow me on various social media platforms, as well as follow my blog.

Selena, thank you for stopping by my blog today. It’s been a pleasure and I look forward to your next visit!

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