*******WIN FREE BOOKS**** Have you read

*******WIN FREE BOOKS****

Have you read any of these books; would you like to?

Beater by, Brian W. Smith
Chasity Rules by, Nakia Lashaul
Been So Long by, Adrienne Thompson
Unshakeable Faith by, Rickey Teems II
Easy Money: a short story by, Pamela Samuels Young
Ambivalence: The Beginning by, Muhjahid Woodson-Qahhar
Hush Money: Shakeem’s Story by, Author Tammy Capri
Hush Money2: Ashlee’s Story by, Author Quiana
Love From a Fist by, Lisa Tyrell Perry-Amos
Cause for Alarm by, Erica Spindler
Transitions: Short stories for a rainy day, by Cathy Jo
Fancy, by Author Vanna B
Miss Nobody: Shaw Family Saga, book 1 by, Nicole Dunlap
Damaged Girls I by, Janice Ross

It’s CONTEST time again!

Here are the rules:
1) I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 4,000 (post answer in comment section)
2) Leave a comment on my wall that says “I’M A WINNER!” (or Inbox me)
3) LIKE at least one of these author’s fan pages (message me proof that you did)
4) Share this STATUS on your wall (or copy and paste the status to your wall)

See, it’s that’s simple! First person to guess the correct number AND do numbers 2-4 wins the prize! LET’S GO!!

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