Good morning! Have you read my latest co

Good morning! Have you read my latest cold weather companion, No More Expectations? Here’s an excerpt from the novel:

“Oh, puh-lease,” Brianya said when the server left. “What is it with you men and your irrational fear of friendship with a woman?”

“It’s not that we’re afraid of being friends with females—I have a few female friends. I mean straight up friends. None of that friends with benefits stuff. What it is, is we don’t wanna hear that word from the person we’re spittin’ game at.”

Brianya reared back in her seat, glowered at Monty.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. That came out wrong!” Monty said, rubbing his hands together as if he was about to get into a tasty treat. “How can I clean that up? Okay, what I meant was,” he took a deep breath then continued. “When you’re trying to get to know somebody because you think that person is beautiful inside and out and all you can do is think about her every day, all day, and pray that she’ll give you a shot, the last thing you want to hear her say is ‘we’re just friends.’” (Smashwords) (Kindle, US) (Nook) (Kobo) (Kindle, UK) (signed paperbacks)

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