From my upcoming novel (Not Titled) Lonn

From my upcoming novel (Not Titled)

Lonnie closed his eyes and listened to the sweet melody of Kirk Whalum coming from his Bose speakers as he tried to make heads or tails of the lovely Cashmere Masters. She was proving to be an enigma for sure. He had dug deep in his arsenal of dating tools and nothing was working. So what was up? he wondered. He knew it wasn’t him; he hoped it wasn’t him. Maybe it was him. Okay, so he was being a little persistent. Leaning on her a little too hard; but he knew what he liked when he saw it. And she was what he wanted. She was single for now, but how long would that last? Could it be that she was one of those types of women who claimed they didn’t need a man? He hated those types of women. Yeah, they talked a good game about being self-sufficient. But that was a lie. Half the time the women who squawked that noise didn’t have anybody because nobody wanted them. Or, they weren’t into men. He knew Cashmere was into men; Brianya had told him as much.

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