From the Untitled WIP: Late one night, t

From the Untitled WIP:

Late one night, two months after she’d first set foot in his establishment, Cashmere had walked into the gym without Brianya, stood in the doorway, looking lost and oh-so-sexy. When she approached him, Lonnie—Mr. my-game-is-so-tight-I-can-pull-any-woman—was nervous. She had an air about her that warned men not to come too close. The way she walked, head held high, back straight, confident, communicated: “I double dare you!”

He had tried for three months to crack that shell. She had shut him down at every turn. Told him every imaginable story as to why he should just keep steppin’, but he plowed on. Then she dropped the C word on him, thinking that was the grenade that would send him running. He stayed his course, looked her in the eye and said, “Is that all you got?” Then finally when he was about to give up Cashmere had given him a sliver of hope. When he asked to take her to dinner, she didn’t give him the cold shoulder as usual; she just smiled and walked away.

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