Local bookstore now carries Transitions: Short stories for a rainy day!

I am so pumped!  Today, I was finally able to do the leg work and go to a few local bookstores to see if there was any interest there.

I first went to Loganberry books, a bookstore overflowing with books.  There are literally books from floor to ceiling!  But the store is beautiful.  The wooden floors are awesome, and the atmosphere is inviting.  It reminded me of a big ol’ living room.  Unfortunately, the owner was unable to offer me space on her tables, floors, shelves, etc.  She did, however, invite me to participate in her annual author’s event that’s taking place on July 2, 2011.  I would love to be there, but another engagement prevents me from participating.  If my calendar is clear for next year, I will definitely be there!

The next bookstore I went to was Macs Books on Coventry.  I love that area.  Every time I go there, it makes me feel as though I’m in another world.  I didn’t get a chance to speak to the manager because she’s out of town.  So, stay tuned on how it turns out with Mac Books.

Lastly, I persevered and continued on to Appletree books at 12419 Cedar Rd. in Cleveland Hts.  This small bookstore is very charming.  Upon entering the store, I immediately felt welcomed.  The owner, Jane, was very accommodating.  After asking me all sorts of questions about the book and its marketability, she decided that there is definitely an audience among her clientele for my book.  We even kicked around the idea of a book signing.  I would love that!

I still have a few more local bookstores to approach.  Now that I’ve sort of cut my teeth on three I’ve approached already, I’m ready to sink my teeth in and go for the gusto!

Just to recap; in case you weren’t paying attention.  My book, Transitions: Short stories for a rainy day, is now available at Appletree Books, located at 12417 Cedar Rd., in Cleveland Hts., Ohio.

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